Founded in 1982 to supply products & services for the ships; Şekerciler Group is today one of the biggest firms in the ship supply sector with its head office in Tuzla, various branches, warehouses and over 60 employess, offering services 7/24.  We offer services with the highest standards in the ship supply business.




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During the 20th century, USM and Boston Blacking Company, original firms for Bostik, patented more than 9000 inventions.

Bostik is now industry leader in 3 core technologies: Elastic Bonding, Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Polymers Modified Binders.

With a worldwide reputation to uphold, employees at Bostik are eager to guarantee perfect and lasting results for customers. This means continually developing innovative, new and sustainable marine adhesives, while refining existing ranges to provide excellence in marine construction adhesives  and yacht and commercial ship building industry demands.

A global provider for construction materials


Bostik smart adhesive systems are used globally in the construction of new buildings and refurbishment projects.


Bostik provides solutions for flooring, tiling, waterproofing, sealing, decoration, assembly and insulation.


For 125 years, Bostik have created smart adhesive solutions, with functional and efficient products that can do a lot more than just stick things together.


Bostik marine adhesive products are used for glass bonding (windscreens and port holes) as well as numerous construction and decorative applications, such as teak and artificial deck bonding, below-deck interior bonding and deck-to-spider-hull bonding.

Bostik is also a market leader in adhesives for bonding the wide range of fabrics and materials used in the construction of inflatable boats for military, rescue and leisure uses.